Hello Mike, yes we have figured out how to implement unit testing in Cache. It's an excellent way to test all cases. But for the type of current work we are doing (reporting), it might be too much work. Once you get the hang of it, it's a pretty simple process. It's up to you to cover all of the test cases.

If you need help, you can just post your question here. There are a lot of Cache experts in this community that can help.

Hi, it's still not clear. Do I have to define both a GET and  POST for the same Route?

Is that what I'm missing?

Here is what I'm trying right now just to  check if the POST code is working or making it to the method.

The Route:

<Route Url="/test1" Method="POST" Call="Test1"/>

The Method:

ClassMethod Test1() As %Status
Set tSC=$$$OK


Quit tSC

This GET works:

<Route Url="/status/:ClientID" Method="GET" Call="GetActiveStatus"/>

Hi, what issues are you having with ODBC? We have a lot of clients connecting to our Cache DB through ODBC.

I see, it was meant to be used in the QA environment.

I am using it in our DEV environment, testing bits of functions as I complete them.

Thank you.

Hi Nicole,

I will check those resources out.

We will not generally be working with different projects. We will usually be working with the same project and making modifications to them like adding a new routine to an existing MAC, adding a button to a Zen page, etc.

We have been testing our process using git with Studio, but now it looks like we are going to use Atelier.

We have a server repository (in Bitbucket) that currently contains XML copies of our MACs and CLSs files. We create a branch from there and pull it down locally to our own personal environment (local Cache instance).

When working with our current task (modifications, new functionalites, etc), we import the needed files into our Cache instance and make our changes. We made hooks to export to XML the files we are working with when we compile.

When done, we commit these changes locally and then push them back to the server (Bitbucket).

What changes now with Atelier besides the files being saved automatically in UDL format when compiling?

Hi Fabian,

We are not familiar with Atelier yet at this point, so we are currently using the tools we have for our workflow.

Our company uses Bitbucket for the server repository and SourceTree for the client side of git.

Let me do research on Egit and see how that fits into all of this.

Thank you.