Importing a role

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What is the process in importing a role from one server to another server?

Let's say Server A is our main server that we maintain all of our resources / roles / users. We would like to get these over to Server B, Server C, Server D, etc.

It looks like when we import, there are tables and resources left in the destination servers that are not in the source server. It looks like whatever was in the destination server that was not part of the source server was not deleted from the import.

What is the proper way of exporting/importing a role so that this does not happen?


Hello Evgeny, yes we use those methods in that link already for exporting and importing roles.

What's happening is that the resources / tables that were in the destination server that should not be there anymore is still there. It looks like it is only copying what we exported from the source server. It is not making the role the same.

We figured out how to remove the resources using the Security.Roles.Modify() method by setting the Properties("Resources") parameter. But how would we do something similar to the tables which should not be there anymore in the destination server?