Thanks @Roberto Cahanap 

The catalyst for my initial post was simply reading the package and class documentation for %UnitTest.  I noticed that whoever set up our unit testing framework here was only using the %TestCase class and %Manager class.  There are many other classes in the package, and I'm trying to get a sense if we are utilize the tools in the package to the greatest extent.  

The other half of it is that I'm a very new programmer (brand new pretty much) and I'm not accustom to unit tests.  I'm curious to know how others do it so I can see where's there common ground and where people differ.

I'm going to watch the presentation linked above and then get back with more questions.


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Tagged both because maybe you created a new profile.  

Interested to know if you've successfully implemented unit testing with Cache at your company.  I have been assigned to work with my team on unit testing and I wanted to see how others have done it.

Is there a way to contact people privately?