Roberto Cahanap · Feb 19, 2021

VS Code export MAC files

Currently in Visual Studio Code when we connect to a Cache server and export the CLS and MAC files, they get placed in the following:



Where the Packages folder corresponds to the different class packages we have. The MAC files are placed in the src folder and not contained in it's own folder.

Is there a way to configure the export for the MAC files so that it's contained in it's own folder like this:


Thanks in advance for your help.


Product version:
Caché 2018.1
3 0 2 68


Look at this page, it may help you in understanding how to configure it.

If you need to store classes and mac routines separately, you can use

  "objectscript.export": {
    "addCategory": true

In the case of different behavior for different types, and place only mac routines to the specific folder, use this.

  "obejctscript.export": {
    "addCategory": false,
    "folder": {
      "mac": "mac"

That worked Dmitry! Thank you very much!