Thanks for the solution.

The problem was that I should to call to a BS, not a BP instead. So I've created a dummy BS to call the BP to do the process.


Thanks again for the key


Currently, I created an acount using my working email (, then all information, alerts, and everything has been sent using this email.

Then I was invited to participate in Global Master, and all my contributions in Developer Community are counted in GM.
Now, I want to unlink this email and use my personal one. I've modified the GM  and DC email, but the login still as it is, all alerts from GM are sent to the new email.

I think that, as I have modified my GM email, my new contributions will not be considered as points in GM, due it is waiting for the email, I am right?

That is the aim of my question, is it possible to change the email login to link this one to my current GM account.

Best regards and thanks for your attention


mmm... I see

The name of the variable is under double quote, and I'm calling the variable directly. Let me check in my solution.

USER>set obj = ##class(%DynamicObject).%FromJSON("{""A_B"":""HELLO WORLD""}")
USER>w obj.A_B
W obj.A_B
USER>w obj."A_B"

Thanks Eduard, my JSon has this underscore as part of the name of variable but is not supported (or it seems). With my workaround it works

Hi all,

I've found the "ghost in the code". The problem was the JSon structure has some fields with "_" as part of the name of the property. When it tries to convert JSon to a class, this kind of name is not good for ensemble.

How have I solved? easy... replacing the content and remove all "_" (I'm sure that there is not values with "_")

    set content = tHttpResponse.Data.Read()
    set content = $REPLACE(content,"_","") // Remove all _ as part of the field name
    set objJson = ##class(%DynamicObject).%FromJSON(content)

    set b64 = objJson.Result.RES.DATA.DATAB64   // Instead of DATA_B64

Take care with this problem if you are developing Api and Cache wink

Best regards


Thanks for the answer, it was configured to -1, I've updated this value and this error doesn't appears anymore

My cache version is:

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.2.1 (Build 803U) Wed Oct 26 2016 12:31:28 EDT [HealthShare Modules:Core:15.01.171 + Linkage Engine:15.0.171]