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I'm making a Python program that notifies the user via email when a particular event happens. I managed to do so by making a Gmail account and using the smtplib and email packages in Python. However, in order to use these I have to provide my login credentials in the Python program. The problem is, any user can see these credentials and tamper with the email I'm using to notify other users.

How do I send emails without exposing my login credentials in Python?

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i want to restrict certain IPs (ip for now and looking for more such parameters) from running my URL for security purposes...

i wanted to know how to access their ips and compare them with the list of restricted IPs, also if not IPs are there any other unique browser parameters which can be used for access control? and enhance security

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Become an expert in Python programming language by joining the professional’s designed Python training at CourseJet. In this Python course, our experienced trainer will help you gain in-depth knowledge of various Python concepts which include writing Python code, data operations in Python, conditional statements, strings, shell scripting, error handling, and knowledge of various packages available in Python. You will also gain expertise in writing Python code for the Big Data systems and Data Science for data analysis.

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone tried to write down a function in a routine that list all of possible function inside the routine?
I can only think of iterating through the routine line one by one and differentiate between function and function definition.
Is there any existing function that can be utilised? I think it should work similar to how

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Hi Community! Many of you have seen the Data Points podcast episodes that we have been releasing since February. I mentioned previously that I planned to pose an open question to the community about topics you might like to hear in a podcast episode. Let us know in the comments if there are any conversation points you would find particularly interesting, and we can try to include some conversations with experts on said topics!

And in case you missed it, check out Episode 12 about the all-new chat bot on InterSystems websites!


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In Episode 12 of Data Points, we took a slightly different approach! Hear insights from three different guests — Jenny Ames, Gary Maggiolino, and Joey Moritz — about the creation of the all-new chat feature found on multiple InterSystems sites. You can see the chat bot in action on both the Getting Started site and all InterSystems IRIS or IRIS for Health pages on the InterSystems corporate site.


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In Episode 11 of Data Points, UX designer @Ksenia Samokhvalova joins the podcast to talk about the approach to user experience at InterSystems, how it may differ from commonly considered UX concepts, and what her team is doing to constantly improve usability with the developer's goals in mind. If you'd like to take a quick survey to get involved with UX testing for InterSystems technologies, you can do that here!


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As promised, here is Part 2 of our interview with Russ Leftwich! In this half, Adam Coppola talks with Russ about some of the InterSystems technologies that play a part in the concepts from Part 1, as well as some specific discussions about modern FHIR applications. After the interview with Russ, we were also joined by Jenny Ames to talk about the upcoming FHIR Dev Days. Check it out, and make sure to go subscribe to Data Points!


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In Episode 8 of Data Points, senior clinical advisor for interoperability at InterSystems @Russ Leftwich joined the podcast to talk about healthcare interoperability standards. In the first part of our two-part interview, Russ tells us about the history of healthcare standards and electronic record-keeping, some of the biggest challenges in the field, and how software has evolved to meet those ever-growing challenges.


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