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I have a quick start guide that I will publish. I should be able to do this next week.

That would be helpful. Thank you.

It's not Ensemble, only Caché, but you can find a sample MQTT client implementation on GitHub. RabbitMQ comes with an MQTT plugin to which you can connect and interact with clients using other protocols as well. 

The project has not yet been integrated with Ensemble, but it may give you an idea, how to move on.

Hi, Anthony! Thanks for sharing this!

What are the difficulties with posting? May I help you?

Thanks Evgeny,

The difference in Markdown render engines makes it difficult to work offline, where you think the rendering is fine and then when pasting here you find that the Wordpress render differs making it somewhat challenging. A fair amount of trial and error to get a final cut.

Heres an example of tables are not rendering with enough padding:

Description Value
This is a long description the value

Are you able to adjust the css to improve padding?

Hi, Anthony! Thanks for sharing this. I put it into the dev backlog