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I work with IRIS for Health 2020.1 and I attempted to set up Enterprise Systems to populate Message Bank. I see entries in Message Bank Event Log from the defined Enterprise Systems.  I can browse Messages going back before I set up Enterprise Systems using Enterprise Message Viewer. However, I find no messages in Message Bank Viewer. Do I need anything extra to archive messages?


Good morning Vic,

I had not filled in the Message Bank Link, but it was prefilled already. However, when I try to click on Go button, it links to:

The correct link on the Message Bank server is:$NAMESPACE=DMLSS_DB&$NAMESPACE=DMLSS_DB&

The URL on the server is /csp/healthshare/dmlss_db instead of /csp/dmlss_db

Is this the reason why the Message Bank does not receive any messages?

I created a new web application /csp/dmlss_db on the Message Bank server. The Go button now works from Configure Message Bank Link. However, still nothing going into the Message Bank.

I had overlooked when I configured Message Bank operation its name must be the Message Bank operation class name.

I have eight IRIS instances running in containers on four EC2 instances. I encounter some connection issues at the moment.

Connection did not work because I had incorrect IP in settings. Now it works.