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Hi Community, 

Great news for all Global Masters lovers! 

Now you can redeem a Certification Voucher for 10,000 points!

Voucher gives you 1 exam attempt for any exam available at the InterSystems exam system. We have a limited edition of 10 vouchers, so don't hesitate to get yours!


Last reply 30 December 2020
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Hi Team,
             If any possible to  add a rewards list of Intersystem cache certification to Intersystem Global Masters. For example ,developer or global master user have 10000 point as , we give any offer(price) to attend the Intersystem cache/Ensemble/IRIS certificate. So no.of developer try to attend the exam and get certification.This is very useful for developer career and we also have lot of Cache developers in the market. Please correct me, if I am wrong..

Thanks ,
Ponnumani Gurusamy.

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