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This means your query is taking a longer time to return the result back to your CSP application than what it expects.

I'd recommend you to verify why it's taking so long and optimize your query, but you can also ask the CSP gateway to wait for a longer period before it times out.

  // On OnPreHTTP callback method.
  set %response.Timeout = 900 // this will make your application wait for the response for 900 seconds.

Note that %response.Timeout will change the timeout for the current request only.

Currently ObjectScript doesn't support method override. But you might be able to simulate it by using rest parameters and delegating to a second private method that handles it according to what has been provided to the initial method.

EDIT: Whoops! I meant overload.

Works even on Caché 2018.1.2. I can't think of a reason as to why it wouldn't work for IRIS CE.

EDIT: Just to point out that GetOSErrorText is indeed limited to 2020.1+ releases, including Caché.

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