· Feb 13, 2023

Winners of the InterSystems Developer Tools Contest 2023

It's time to announce the winners of the InterSystems Developer Tools Contest

But first, we'd like to say Thank you to all our amazing participants who submitted 21 applications 🔥 

We are thrilled to know that you think this subject is important! Now, without further ado, the winners are...

Experts Nomination 

🥇 1st place and $5,000 go to the irissqlcli app by @Dmitry Maslennikov

🥈 2nd place and $3,000 go to the DX Jetpack for VS Code app by @John Murray  

🥉 3rd place and $1,500 go to the OpenAPI-Suite app by @Lorenzo Scalese

🏅 4th place and $750 go to the iris-geo-map app by @Muhammad Waseem

🏅 5th place and $500 go to the iris-tripleslash app by @José Pereira, @Henrique Dias Dias, @Henry.HamonPereira 

More winners:

🏅 $100 go to the iris-log-viewer app by @Oliver Wilms

🏅 $100 go to the iris-persistent-class-audit app by @Stefan Cronje

🏅 $100 go to the iris-connections app by @Yuri Marx

🏅 $100 go to the cos-url-shortener app by @Daniel Aguilar

🏅 $100 go to the iris-deploy-tools app by @Kurro Lopez

Community Nomination

🥇 1st place and $1,000 go to the iris-tripleslash app by @José Pereira, @Henrique Dias Dias, @Henry.HamonPereira 

🥈 2nd place and $750 go to the Intersystems IRIS platform queue trend monitoring component app by @Yubo Mao

🥉 3rd place and $500 go to the irissqlcli app by @Dmitry Maslennikov

Our sincerest congratulations to all the participants and winners!

Join the fun next time 😎

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