· Feb 17, 2019

VSCode-ObjectScript next release 0.7.9

I'm pleased to announce the latest version of extensions for ObjectScript. Just a month has gone since my latest update, and I already have something new to show.

Important. In this version connection to the server will be disabled by default. You have to activate connection through the settings:"" = true.

Multi-Root Workspace

VSCode has a very interesting feature multi-root workspace. It may help in case if your project has different parts in different languages, so, you can split settings. And since this version vscode-objectscript also can be used in such environment, so, you configure multiple connections and work with different servers in one editor. Which connection used a the moment, you can find in status bar. Just switch between files in different workspace roots, and you will see the changes.

Explorer now also supports showing code from different servers at the same time, if you use multi-root workspace.

Navigation by code

  • Previously when you were navigated to another file, it was opened from the server, even if it was already opened locally. Now you, in any files navigation, first it looking for a local file and then ta a server.
  • You can go to any class just by searching it by Go To Symbol in Workspace functionality (Cmd+T/Ctrl+T). You can put there any Class name or Method name, it will be searched on a server.
  • Go to macros definition.
  • Show subclasses and superclasses, with navigation to this class.
  • Go To definition to Class/Method/Parameter in ##class()
  • Go To definition to Method/Parameter/Property for a current object with ..


  • Added simple snippets for Class, Parameter, Property, ClassMethod and Method.


  • List of ClassMethods and Parameters when you use ##class()
  • List of any Methods and Properties after double dots ..

Other new features

  • If you have files exported in XML format, you can now see how they would look in UDL format, by command or you can activate auto preview such files in settings.
  • You can now export classes from a server without storage
  • CSP files now recognized just as HTML files.

Fixed errors

  • Fixed some syntax highlighting issues.
  • Fixed highlighting for XData with CSS in style tag.
  • Fixed showing percent-members in Classes available in outline, and percent-labels in routines.

Fill free to fill any issues you faced when used this extension, or any new features you would like to see here.

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Hi Dmitry,

thanks for your great work.

I have just installed this extension. Before I have been using the cos-extension.

As I'm still working on 2016.2 with atelier v1 I have modified the extension and redirected the requests to [server]/api/atelier/v1 which works quite fine as long as I do not export or even watch more than 135 sources, as this exceeds my license.

As far as I can see, each request opens a new session until the limit is reached and atelier doesn't answer anymore.

Do I do something wrong? Will it work fine with v3?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for putting in all this work, Dmitriy! I've been using this plugin for a few months and enjoying it.

Posting question here about the UDL preview from XML exported classes. I'm not  sure I've been able to get this to work. My project has a legacy repo that only uses XML exports (current repos are using UDL format). I've pointed my working directory to the root  location of these XML export files. When I have the "automatic preview" setting enabled, I expected the plugin to translate the XML to a UDL form in the editor. Is this how it works? 

Also, would I be able to modify the UDL content or is this a read-only feature?