Open Exchange App VSCode-ObjectScript release 0.7.11

Hi all, I have released the latest version of VSCode extension for ObjectScript already a month ago, and finally a time for the info about this new release.

So, what's new in the release:

What's new in this version

  • added export setting "objectscript.export.addCategory" if enabled uses the previous behaviour, adds category folder to export folder, disabled by default
  • added Server actions menu, by clicking on server info from status bar. Open Management portal, Class Reference and toggle connection.
  • Class Suggestion in ##class, Extends, As, CompileAfter, DependsOn, PropertyClass
  • $SYSTEM suggestion by Classes from %SYSTEM
  • Import and compile folder or file by context menu in File Explorer
  • Server Explorer, now possible to open any other namespace
  • Macros suggestion

For details how it works now, look further.


  • Class name  suggestion after Extends keyword
  • Class name suggestion after keyword As. Should work in many cases such as with 
    • Property
    • Parameter
    • Method definition
    • and so on.
  • Macros usage suggestion name after typing triple dollar $$$
  • Special variable $SYSTEM suggestion.

Other changes

  • Import and Compile all files from the File Explorer
  • Server Explorer, view another namespace.
  • Go to System Management Portal
  • And to Class Reference.


As always fill free to fill any issues you faced when used this extension, or any new features you would like to see.

If you like my job, you can donate to me in any preferable way.