Anastasia Dyubaylo · Feb 15, 2019

Open Exchange Project Promotion on Developer Community

Hi Everyone!

We have a good tidings for you! Recently, we launched a new block on Developer Community Site called "APP OF THE WEEK" (you can see it through all website pages on the right).

And now you have a great opportunity to promote your project!

Redeem a new reward that available for Global Master advocates only: "Open Exchange project promotion on Developer Community"

What benefits will it give you? See the details below.

  • Your project will be placed to the "APP OF THE WEEK" banner on Developer Community.
  • The banner will contain a clickable link to your project on
  • It will be shown for all DC visitors through all website pages during 1 week.

Your project will be here:


The price: 1,000 points on Global Masters Advocacy Hub.

Let the world know about your applications and solutions on InterSystems Data Platform! wink

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Unfortunately VSCode marketplace doesn't have any good analytics, but as I can see I have now already more then 300 installs.