Open Exchange Project Promotion on Developer Community

Hi Everyone!

We have a good tidings for you! Recently, we launched a new block on Developer Community Site called "APP OF THE WEEK" (you can see it through all website pages on the right).

And now you have a great opportunity to promote your project!

Redeem a new reward that available for Global Master advocates only: "Open Exchange project promotion on Developer Community"

What benefits will it give you? See the details below.

  • Your project will be placed to the "APP OF THE WEEK" banner on Developer Community.
  • The banner will contain a clickable link to your project on
  • It will be shown for all DC visitors through all website pages during 1 week.

Your project will be here:


The price: 1,000 points on Global Masters Advocacy Hub.

Let the world know about your applications and solutions on InterSystems Data Platform! wink


Unfortunately VSCode marketplace doesn't have any good analytics, but as I can see I have now already more then 300 installs.

Can I get the award also for each new version of the code ?


Hi Paul!

Yes, we have an award for publishing assets, and you get points for the initial placement only.

In the post we suggest you in oppose to spend some points having one week promo on DC.