I could get it working.

Additionally i had to add additional jar i required for more code i have added just after /shared/FirstDemo.jar.

It worked. Fantastic. 

Thank you so much.

Hi @Eduard Lebedyuk / @Alberto Fuentes,

I am trying to use PEX / Java without docker.

So i have a jar containing the FirstOperation class and its all dependencies.

When i configure the object gateway and uses the same it never identifies the JAVA class.

Gives error as below,

Terminating Job 95839 / 'FirstOperation' with Status = ERROR #8104: Gateway Exception: <GATEWAY> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException workshop.pex.FirstOperation, %QuitTask=

Can you please guide me on, how do it use pex without docker. Why the class Loader can't find the java class within the jar?

I'll really be grateful to you, and wait for your response.



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