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Any timeline until the docs are back online?
Also is there a temporary location for the non-iris for health documentation?

In case you missed it below - @Vic Sun pointed out that the IRIS For Health docs should include all IRIS not-for-Health docs as well.  

Hi @Kyle.Baxter !!!!  Miss ya buddy, Yes the IRIS For Health Docs will work for us, thanks!  Get it fixed will ya!

Hey, I don't work in InterSystems anymore - NOT MY PROBLEM laugh

I'm having the same issue as Kyle. Is there a link for the normal IRIS 2021 documentation?

Gary - as far as I know, the IRIS for Health docs should only be additional pages on top of the base IRIS documentation. Is there anything missing that you were looking for?

Sorry I did not see that.
Thank you

Will Cache and other older version docs be put on here?

Any word on getting access through a normal intersystems.com based URL back up? 

Seems likely that more than just me are not going to have access to URL that relies on a non-standard port for http access and that  network security folks are likely to be interested in extending access to something as sketchy looking as the temporary URL the link in the main post references...


Can Intersystems provide an update?
The documentation is not the only thing unavailable.  Online distributions through the WRC are down. 

Learning services has a banner notating that some things may not work etc.

Thanks for your question -- we will communicate with you via DM.

Is the container distribution site down as well?