Razvan Prepelita · Sep 8, 2017

run a cache terminal script from cmd/ batch.

Hello everyone, I'm trying to run a cache terminal script from cmd/ batch.
I run it like this C:\MyCache\bin#cterm.exe C:\Users\Me\Desktop\cache_scrip.scr
The command opens a terminal, but nothing happens, no title present, no log file written, no output, it's just stucked.
Here is my script:

case match: off
title MyTitle
; wait for the terminal to initialize and ask for our identification
echo: on
wait for:Username
send: MeUser<CR>
wait for:Password
send: mepass<CR>
logfile: C:\Users\Me\Desktop\cache_script.log
send: znspace "ME_NAMESPACE"<CR>
wait for:ME_NAMESPACE>
send: do ##class(Me.MeMethod).UpdateRecordForCustomerId(1)<CR>
send: do ##class(Me.MeMethod).UpdateRecordForCustomerId(2)<CR>
send: do ##class(Me.MeMethod).UpdateRecordForCustomerId(3)<CR>
; finish the session
send: <CR>
; finished

Thank you for your help

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I believe this is because you need to add a connection string to tell the terminal which instance to connect to. Please see this documentation for information on how to connect to a local instance or a remote instance

Well, your answers helped.
I've run the script using:
C:\InterSystems\Cache\bin\cterm.exe /console=cn_iptcp:[23] C:\Users\ME\Desktop\cache_script_for_rest_call.scr
But now I have the following error:
TCP connect() failed - exception satisfied select().
Reason: (10061, 0x274d)) No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

If you don't want to deal with Telnet_Service, you could launch the cache terminal as:

Cterm.exe /console=cn_ap:<instanceName> <yourScript.scr> <username> <password>


Iristerm.exe /console=cn_ap:<instanceName> <yourScript.scr> <username> <password>

So enable connection in Mgmt Portal

Specifically, since you are trying to connect to port 23 on your local Windows machine you will need the Telnet service enabled. It's called %Service_Telnet.

Assuming you end up satisfied with Robert's answer, please remember to be a good DC citizen by setting the big checkmark alongside the header of his answer. Only you as OP can do this.

Do you know whether can be "%service_telnet" enabled from cmd?

If you're connecting to the local system, you don't need to use Telnet. Use the cn_ap option described in the link that Peter posted.

Where is your info to specify host?   /console=cn_iptcp : hostname[port]


I take it that the # after bin is a typo and you should have a \ there?