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That file uses the irisnative library, but I can't find the library itself.

I can't seem to find the irisnative library. Is it in the vscode-intersystems-iris repo, and I'm just missing it?

I don't know whether this is documented, but you can use array accessors in the property expression. To create a property for the productID of the first entry in the OrderContent array, you should be able to use an expression like this in a %CreateProperty() call: $.OrderContent[0].productID.

Unfortunately, this doesn't address the general case of searching an array. I don't think you can create a collection property in DocDB, nor do the %FindDocuments() operators seem to be of much use. You might try poking around in your generated class to see if you can use an existing property as a template for creating your own computed property that aggregates the productID. If that works, you may still find the %FindDocuments() operators to be inadequate, but the property would then be accessible to SQL queries.

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