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Well, your answers helped.
I've run the script using:
C:\InterSystems\Cache\bin\cterm.exe /console=cn_iptcp:[23] C:\Users\ME\Desktop\cache_script_for_rest_call.scr
But now I have the following error:
TCP connect() failed - exception satisfied select().
Reason: (10061, 0x274d)) No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Hello Alessandro,
It helped, thank you.
I now have LYPD, PTD and Percentage on Columns and CustomerName on Rows.
The problem appears when I try to put a measure in the Measures field. I've tried even with Count and I receive the following error:
"ERROR #5002: Cache Error: <UNDEFINED>%GetAxisSpecs+102^%DeepSee.Component.pivotTable.1 *pItems(4,4) (8) "

I've tried to load different dashboards using kpi from the samples namespace, like: "KPIs & Plugins/Demo Filter Interoperability", "KPIs & Plugins/MDX Based KPI" or "KPIs & Plugins/SQL Based KPI" and it displays the loading animation indefinitely.
I'm using the DeepSeeWeb v2.1.5

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