· Sep 11, 2019

New Coding Talk: GitHub Repository Template To Develop and Debug ObjectScript in InterSystems IRIS

Hi Everyone,

New Coding Talk, recorded by @Evgeny Shvarov, is already on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

GitHub Repository Template To Develop and Debug ObjectScript in InterSystems IRIS
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In this video you will learn how to start development ObjectScript in VSCode with InterSystems IRIS on docker container with a minimum required set of files in GitHub repository.

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Feel free to ask your questions in the comments to this post.

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Hello Evgeny,

Slightly off-topic but it is interesting you are using VSCode.

I have asked at various times, including the last symposium, what the plans are for development tools given that both Studio and Atelier have essentially been end of life for quite a while now, well over a year, but the response is always the same, there is a plan but we cannot announce it yet. 

Is VSCode the way Intersystems is going?  Does this mean we are now relient on 3rd party development tools?  Are there plans to create some way to replicate functionality such as the SOAP wizard in VSCode?

I was hoping there might be some details out of the summit but I haven't seen anything yet.



Hi David!

InterSystems doesn't develop VSCode plugins. In this video, I'm enjoying VSCode ObjectScript plugin by @Dmitry Maslennikov from CaretDev as a Developers Community effort. My job is to support all the best efforts of the InterSystems Developers Community and I think this plugin is suitable for some ways of developing and debugging InterSystems Solutions with ObjectScript.

There is also another pretty mature VSCode plugin Serenji introduced by @John Murray from GeorgeJames Software which has a lot of advanced features to develop and debug InterSystems solutions with ObjectScript and REST API development.

and AFAIK there is also yet another VSCode plugin coming from @Rubens Silva.

As for Atelier and Studio, there was an announcement by @Andreas Dieckow a year ago on the terms of InterSystems support for Atelier and Studio.

Hello Evgeny,

Thanks for the response, of course I am aware of the various plugins hence my question of relying on 3rd party tools.

That old post does not really answer the question on what Intersystems future plans for development tools are, it just confirms effective end of life for the current ones.   Also, only fixing critical issues means reported problems will generally not be fixed anymore as they are pretty stable, something I have already experienced.

I don't have a particular problem with moving to VSCode supported by 3rd parties but some confirmation of this from Intersystems so developers can plan to move in that direction would be appreciated but noone seeems to want to commit to any answers.  It also starts the question of how will Intersystems provide the ability for these 3rd party tools to replicate and extend the functionality available already, again there are no answers.



Hello Dmitry,

I have used the extension and am very impressed but obviously any change in toolset has to be agreed accross the business and will require changes to the development and version control process, hence a reluctance until we know what Intersystems have planned.

Apologies if I have missed a feature post but does the extension replicate the Studio Add-Ins such as the SOAP Wizard as these are very useful to us.



My VSCode-ObjectScript extension supports the same versions as Atelier, so Caché/Ensemble versions from 2016.1.

You can not just edit mac routines, and classes, compile and do many other features. And it is also supporting Intellisense. CSP support, just very simple, only syntax highlighting as HTML, as it already stored as files, you can just use the same folder in Caché and in VSCode, and everything should be OK. You can find details about the latest features here, and use the arrow buttons to navigate to the previous release notes.

And now, we are also offering enterprise support, so, you will get faster issues solving, and may get some priority in realization new features.