Olga Zavrazhnova · Sep 1, 2021

Join the "Wonders of the World" and enter a raffle to win a Nike BackPack

Hi Community,

join the fun "Wonders of the World" journey on InterSystems Global Masters advocate hub! 


You'll see a challenge to provide feedback on Global Masters, a challenge with selfie photos (OMG that's so great to see the Community's selfies! That's not a public challenge so don't worry we will not publish it unless you gave us your permission!), challenges with interesting facts and tech video. 

Complete all entertainment challenges to enter a raffle to win a Nike BackPack.


And don't forget to check the Rewards tab - there is something new for you :) 

Lets' go!



P.S. if you are not a Global Masters member yet - join now using your InterSystems WRC credentials.


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Hey Community, 1 day left till the campaign is over! Join now to enter a ruffle!

Hello Olga,

I'm getting from Global Masters:

----> Unexpected request - invalid_request

Meanwhile, I was definitely logged in at InterSystems sites.
I've already have checked it up in two different browsers with the same result. Not a great problem for me, just to inform the community team.

Hi Alexey, thanks for reporting! Same thing for a few other accounts :( I already reported to the Support team. If you could send me a full-screen recording which shows how an error appears that would help to investigate! 

Hi Alexey, the engineers released a fix - could you pls try to access GM now?

Hi Olga,
Thanks, it's working now.