· Jul 12, 2021

InterSystems Tech Article Contest

Hey Developers, 

Are you ready for the new challenge? We're pleased to announce the first InterSystems technical article writing competition:

🏆 InterSystems Tech Article Contest 🏆

Write an article on any topic related to InterSystems technology from July 15 to August 15 August 22 – extended!

Prizes for everyone: Everyone who publishes an article on DC during this period will receive a special prize pack!

Main Prize: Apple iPad

Join our new contest and your content will be seen by over 55K monthly readers! Details below. 


1. Everyone is a winner in InterSystems Tech Article Contest! Any user who writes an article during the competition period will receive special prizes:

🎁 unique Developer Community Hoody

🎁 InterSystems sticker

2. Expert Awards – articles will be judged by InterSystems experts:

🥇 1st place: Apple iPad 128GB

🥈 2nd place: Amazon Kindle 8G Paperwhite

🥉 3rd place: Nike Utility Speed Backpack

Or as an alternative: Raspberry Pi 4 8GB  with InterSystems IRIS Community Edition ARM installed

3. Developer Community Award – article with the most likes. The winner will have an option to choose one from the following prizes:

🎁 Nike Utility Speed Backpack

🎁 Amazon Kindle 8G Paperwhite

🎁 Raspberry Pi 4 8GB  with InterSystems IRIS Community Edition ARM installed

Who can participate?

Any Developer Community member, except for InterSystems employees. Create an account!

Contest Period

📝  July 15 - August 22: Publication of articles on the Community and voting time. 

Publish an article(s) throughout this period. DC members can vote for published articles with Likes – votes in the Community award.

Note: The sooner you publish an article(s), the more time you will have to collect Likes.

🎉 August 23: Winners announcement.

    What are the requirements? 

    ❗️ Any article written during the contest period and satisfying the requirements below will automatically enter the competition:

    • The article must be related to InterSystems technology
    • The article must be in English
    • The article must be 100% new (it can be a continuation of an existing article)
    • The article should not be plagiarized or translated (translations of your own DC articles from another language are allowed)
    • Article size: >1,000 characters
    • Team size: individual (multiple entries from the same author are allowed)

    What to write about?

    ❗️  You can choose any tech topic related to InterSystems technology.

    Here're some possible fields for choosing the article topic. These are just examples, you have the liberty to choose anything you want.

    # Topic Details
    1 Embedded Python Introduction Embedded Python is an exciting new feature of InterSystems IRIS allowing developers to write methods, SQL procedures and more in Python.
    2 Embedded Python from Interoperability Explore how Embedded Python can be leveraged from an Interoperability production.
    3 Embedded Python: Translating by Language Constructs While we aim for seamless Embedded Python integration there are some tips & tricks to smooth things over. Underscore methods, dictionaries, lists and others. What are the best ways of calling Python features from ObjectScript?
    4 Intro to InterSystems Reports Designer

    Continuation of this article. This article should cover:

    • Catalog creation
    • Creation of the basic report types, namely
      • Chart (bar, pie, line, gauge, heatmap, ...)
      • Table (summary and detailed)
      • Crosstab
    • Publishing Reports to Reports Server
    • Creating a schedule

    A good tutorial to start with: Getting Started with InterSystems Reports

    5 Calling Reports from Interoperability/IRIS An article describing how to execute (and get) InterSystems Reports Report from IRIS on from Interoperability Production.
    6 Map Reports with InterSystems An article describing how to build InterSystems Reports Report with geospatial data. HoleFoods dataset contains locations for transactions which you can use.
    7 How to do CI/CD with InterSystems IRIS 
    8 Change Data Capture with Kafka Connect An example that shows how to set up Kafka Connect and export&import SQL data via the Kafal Connect JDBC connector.
    9 Applying analytics / ML to the SQL Statement Index
    10 My favourite maintenance tasks, automated
    11 Leveraging the Audit database
    12 The three steps to set up GitHub Actions that make your app invincible
    13 OAuth2 authorization in IRIS instance
    14 Setup mirroring on K8s
    15 Using %MDX and %KPI instead of Subject Area in IRIS Analytics
    16 Trying External Language Gateways / compare to the gateways of old Example
    17 Streaming events to Kafka from IAM
    18 IntegratedML walkthrough
    19 Exporting requests to Excel using Python
    20 Integrating cloud services with productions e.g. MS Azure Cognitive Services or Amazon Rekognition.
    21 Working with IKO
    22 IKO IRIS on AWS Kubernetes with Hugepages
    23 Incorporating backups with IKO
    24 IKO – Create a cluster with compute nodes, SAM, and no sharding Include the CPF file to set up our best practices.
    25 Data Science shared workgroup setup with ECP There is a data server and each data scientist has a compute node on their desktop. Show the data is available when disconnected and syncs when you re-connec.
    26 Article discussing storage options for cloud deployments (performance difference between local storage, block storage, etc) and trade-offs (you might not need mirrors if using block storage, etc.)
    27 Building IRIS images with Docker Build Mounts Details
    28 InterSystems IRIS CUDA image There's a way to use GPUs/CUDA from inside the container. Describe how to build an InterSystems IRIS image with CUDA support.

    Note: Articles on the same topic from different authors are allowed.

    Feel free to submit your topic ideas in the comments to this post.


    We're waiting for your great articles!

    Good luck and let the power of Pulitzer be with you! ✨

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    Article idea: Building IRIS images with Docker Build Mounts

    From the docs on Docker Build Mounts:

    RUN --mount allows you to create mounts that process running as part of the build can access. This can be used to bind files from other part of the build without copying, accessing build secrets or ssh-agent sockets, or creating cache locations to speed up your build.

    This is a recent Docker feature allowing users to build compact images (since we no longer need to COPY everything inside). Try it out and write an article about it?

    Hey Developers,
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    Check these badges and how much points they can bring in this article.

    Hey Community,

    We've implemented a new feature in our DC editor so that you can easily track the amount of content in your article! Please welcome: 

    Word & character counter

    When you type any text on the post creation page, DC Editor reads all words and characters and automatically displays them in the lower right corner.

    p.s. Counter works only for WYSIWYG format.

    Enjoy! ✨

    I have just published my third and final Tech Article. This article describes how you can develop a single Interface Code Base and then using Package and Global Mappings generate a multitude of Interfaces that either have date PUSHED into them or PULL data from a Source Application or Database and in my example, transform that data into either HL7 or FHIR messages. I then use HTTP to send the message to a Target Server.

    I have attached the article as a PDF which might make it a bit easier to read and I will be releasing the actual software on OEX in the near future.