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launch with the intelligent eco-system in InterSystems

Being equipped by science and technology, human being have walked a long way by great inventions such as steam-engines or aeroplannes; while after decades, people gradually recognize that single creation could not lauch an industry-boom again. That is why and when, technologies grow up with a community, where are we now=P. An eco-system of technology would be born with the power of a system and grow up with the power of system-science, such as InterSystems, with which seated the letters "s-y-s-t-e-m". Graduated with M.S. of Information Systems, I've been deeply recognized the power of a system, in which is there the planet of Earth itself. 

Inter-discinplines with Computer Science and Health Care need quite a lot considerations. Difficulties are all-over and everywhere, which conducts very few contributor and explorers since it's too hard. Struggling in the dealing with issues in the area of health care by IT-solutions, encountered me the Ensemble. Out of my imagination, brought me it to a great world. The interoperability with consensus on Hl7 launches the IT-ecosystem towards integration. System Science tell-s us the power of Systems Thinking, while the Ensemble show-s us. That was the point where I found a good set of facilities and tools. Later on, together with Ensemble, IRIS and ai- machineLearning are also compatible on CloudComputing. Gradually being clear-er and clearer, the interoperability single "tree" has grown up into a forest/ecosystem like a base-electricity factory supplying electricPower. World is always going too fast to be predicted. For a world built by Cncf- CloudNativeS, the basic infrastruture by interoperability would be the core contributor in supporting a booming technological and scientific world=P. 


{p.s. grammer mistakes there or not. fixing and enjoying.}

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