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InterSystems IRIS AI Programming Contest

Hey Developers! 

Join our next competition in creating open-source solutions using InterSystems IRIS Data Platform! Please welcome:

➡️ InterSystems IRIS AI Programming Contest ⬅️

Duration: June 29 – July 19, 2020


1. Experts Nomination - winners will be determined by a specially selected jury:

🥇 1st place - $2,000 

🥈 2nd place - $1,000 

🥉 3rd place - $500

2. Community Nomination - an application that will receive the most votes in total:

🥇 1st place - $1,000 

🥈 2nd place - $500 

If several participants score the same amount of votes they all are considered as winners and the money prize is shared among the winners.  

Who can participate?

Any Developer Community member, except for InterSystems employees.  Create an account!

Contest Period

June 29- July 12, 2020: Two weeks to upload your applications to Open Exchange (also during this period, you can edit your projects).

July 13-19, 2020: One week to vote.

July 20, 2020: Winners announcement.

The Topic

🤖 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 🤖

Develop an AI/ML solution using InterSystems IRIS. 

We will choose the best AI/ML solution built with InterSystems IRIS. Your application could be a library, package, tool, or any AI/ML solution which uses InterSystems IRIS.

The application should work either on IRIS Community Edition or IRIS for Health Community Edition or IRIS Advanced Analytics Community Edition.

The application should be Open Source and published on GitHub.

There technology bonuses if you introduce special technology implementations in your application. Stay tuned for bonuses descriptions.

Template Applications

Helpful Resources

1. How to submit an application to a contest: Publish an application on Open Exchange and Submit an application for the contest

2. Documentation: Using IntegratedML

3. Online courses: 


Please find the Judgment and Voting Rules for the Contest here.


Ready. Set. Code.

Join our exciting coding marathon and stay tuned!

❗️ Please check out the Official Contest Terms here.❗️

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Here are some ideas for contestants:

  1. MLOperation. Currently, PythonGateway provides low-level PythonOperation aimed at expert users who write Python code themselves. The idea of MLOperation is to build a high-level Interoperability adapter targeted at a broader userbase. Essentially your adapter provides generalized Fit/Predict/Optimize methods and users need to provide the data, target model type, and hyper parameter values. This closes the gap between the hands-off approach of the IntegratedML and low-level approach of the PythonGateway. The work is described in this issue.
  2. New ML language. Interoperability with numerical computational languages or even CASes proper are great and offer the freedom of choice. Furthermore, these math-oriented languages allow faster problem search/space traversal than more generalized languages such as Python. Several classes of supporting ML problems can be solved with them. Callout interface makes implementation process easy (reference implementations: PythonGateway, RGateway, JuliaGateway). Suggested languages: Octave, Scilab
  3. New showcases in IoT, Real-Time predictions, RPA. Convergent Analytics group provides a lot of starting templates in these fields - as InterSystems IRIS capabilities are an especially good fit for them. I'm always interested in more examples, especially real-life examples of machine learning.
  4. Data Deduplication solutions. Do you have a dataset with a lot of dirty data and know how to clean it? Great. Make a showcase out of it.
  5. Reinforcement learning showcases. Examples of Partially observable Markov decision process or other reinforcement learning technologies.


Also, note that PythonGateway-Template is built upon the Advanced Analytics image, so you can use both IntegratedML and PythonGateway from the same docker image.

Great suggestions @Eduard Lebedyuk !

There's a vast surface area here, so we're really looking forward to something that showcases innovation on the technology end, something that carries a real-world data set/feed, or both! I can't wait until the week is over :-)

PS: don't hesitate to use this channel for any questions you have. Some of our technology in this area is still fresh and we're always happy to learn how we can make it easier to use.

Hey Developers,

We have some technology bonuses for the AI Programming Contest:

1. IntegratedML usage - 2 expert vote points
2. Python Gateway usage - 1 expert vote point
3. Docker container - 1 expert vote point

More details in this post. Stay tuned!

Hey Developers!

Please check some interesting ideas for the AI Contest from our GM Advocates:

@Yuri MarxExecute Markov chains to predict commercial intelligence scenarios,

@Rasha Sadiq: Automated Episode Critical Stage Status by taking various factors into account (by Readmission, Diagnosis, Age, etc).

You can also suggest your own ideas and get 5,000 points on Global Masters.

Whose idea will be next? 🔥

I would like to sugest:

Using NLP, based in a question sugest a list of comunit posts as answer. 


Only 3 days left before the start of the 4th InterSystems Online Programming Contest! 

You will have 2 weeks (June 29-July 12) to upload your solutions to the Open Exchange and one week (July 13-19) to compete for the main prizes.

So, join our competition and win! 💪🏼


Are you ready to participate in our exciting contest? 🚀

The contest begins! And we're waiting for your cool projects!

Hey developers,

The second week of registration has begun - you have 7 days left to submit your applications!

Hey Developers!

Please check one more idea for the AI Contest from our GM Advocate:

@Kurro Lopez: Using an API of trading (, Binance, etc..), retrieve all information about cryptocurrencies and evaluate the days, hours and volume of buy and sell of all of them and create prevision of upper/lower price.

Suggest your own ideas and get 5,000 points on Global Masters.

Whose idea will be next? 🔥

Hey Community,

Only 5 days left to upload your apps to the AI Contest!

Show your best coding skills on InterSystems IRIS and earn some $ and glory! 🔥

How to apply for the Programming Contest

Log in to Open Exchange, open your applications section.

Open the application which you want to apply for the contest and click Apply for Contest.

Make sure the status is 'Published'.

The application will go for the review and if it fits the topic of the contest the application will be listed on the Contest Board.

Voting for the best application will begin soon! 

Only 3 days left before the end of registration for the AI Programming Contest.

Don't miss your chance to win! 🏆


One more application is already in the game: ESKLP project by @Aleksandr Kalinin!

Application demonstrates using Python from Intersystems IRIS to resolve linear regression in task of checking similarity of two text strings. Give it a try! 

And full speed ahead! 🔥