· Jun 6, 2022

InterSystems Grand Prix Contest Winners

Hey Community,

We are super excited to announce the winners of the InterSystems Grand Prix Contest

This competition was an absolute success! To show our appreciation to our amazing contestants we doubled the prizes for runners-up!

So let's meet the winners...


Experts Nomination 

🥇 1st place and $7,000 go to the Water Conditions in Europe created by @Evgeniy Potapov

🥈 2nd place and $5,000 go to the CloudStudio created by @Sean Connelly

🥉 3rd place and $1,500 go to the iris-megazord created by @José Roberto Pereira, @Henrique Dias and @Henry Pereira

🥉 3rd place and $1,500 go to the iris-fhir-client created by @Muhammad Waseem 

More winners:

🏅 $200 go the Docker InterSystems Extension created by @Dmitry Maslennikov

🏅 $200 go the FHIR Patient Viewer created by @Dan Berges

🏅 $200 go the test-data created by @Oliver Wilms 

🏅 $200 go the webterminal-vscode created by @John Murray

🏅 $200 go the ObjectScript-Syntax-For-GitLab created by @Lorenzo Scalese

🏅 $200 go the iris-mail created by @Oliver Wilms 

🏅 $200 go the FHIR Pseudonymization Proxy created by @Marcus Wurlitzer  

🏅 $200 go the Disease Predictor created by @yurimarx Marx

🏅 $200 go the M-N-Contests created by @Robert Cemper

🏅 $200 go the FIT REST Operation Framework created by @Craig.Regester

🏅 $200 go the cryptocurrency-rate-forecasting created by @Oleh Dontsov

🏅 $200 go the apptools-infochest created by @Sergey Mikhailenko  

🏅 $200 go the IRIS import manager created by @Oleh Dontsov 

🏅 $200 go the CrossECP-IRIS created by @Robert Cemper 

🏅 $200 go the production-monitor created by @Oliver Wilms  

🏅 $200 go the ESKLP created by @Aleksandr Kalinin  

🏅 $200 go the db-migration-using-SQLgateway created by @Robert Cemper 

🏅 $200 go the apptools-admin created by @Sergey Mikhailenko 

Community Nomination

🥇 1st place and $3,000 go to the iris-megazord created by @José Roberto Pereira, @Henrique Dias and @Henry Pereira 

🥈 2nd place and $2,000 go to the iris-fhir-client created by @Muhammad Waseem

🥉 3rd place and $1,000 go to the Docker InterSystems Extension created by @Dmitry Maslennikov 



We see all the hard work in your participation, and we would like to thank you for devoting your time and building a project for the InterSystems contest. 🙌

See you in the next contest!

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🎉 InterSystems Grand Prix Contest Winners 🎉
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