· Dec 6, 2022

Intellisense and code completion in VS code objectscript

When I'm writing code in Intersystems Studio code completion is different than in VS Code. It would be greate if VS Code would react the same way on code completion .. This happens is studio

When I do this in VS Code it doesn't show the object but it shows ??  all possible items ?? 

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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It's not a big difference between Studio and VS Code - ObjectScript here. Studio automatically does the #dim for you when you do a %New() or %OpenId(), and VS Code - ObjectScript doesn't. But #dim is still necessary in both IDEs for referenced or returned objects:

set person = ##class(Simple.Person).%New()  // Studio WILL provide code completion for person, VS Code WON'T

#dim address as Simple.Address  // without #dim, neither Studio nor VS Code will provide code completion for address

set address = person.Address 

#dim rs as %SQL.StatementResult

set rs = statement.%Execute(args)  // you'll get code completion for rs thanks to #dim

True. I personally am not a fan of using #dim in any way other than:

#dim variable as objectclassname

because it makes it clear that #dim provides code completion for object variables, which is the functionality I care about. Yes, I know it also provides variable documentation for developers who are used to declaring datatypes in other languages

The other documented options:

  • #dim variable as objectclassname = initialvalue (ok, but I prefer #dim followed by set)
  • #dim variable = initialvalue (there's no reason to use #dim to do what set does)
  • #dim variable as non-objectclassname (this is documentation only; no code completion is provided)
  • #dim variable as list/array of objectclassname (again, documentation only; no code completion)