Just wondering if this issue has been fixed in a new community edition release?

@Yuri Marx 
The Predict-Maternal-Risk app linked above worked great!  No errors, and I was able to get all the way through the entire set of ML queries to build, train, validate, and predict risk using the training and validation data.


Thanks for releasing this app.  I've hit a couple of snags that you might be able to help with.

1. The table you reference for creating the training and test data views is SQLUser.HeartDisease.  I don't see this table in the Management Portal, but perhaps you meant to use the dc_data_health.HeartDisease table to create the training and testing views?  

2. Using the dc_data_health.HeartDisease table works as expected for creating the training and test data, and creating a model based on the training data view appears to work as expected.  However, when I execute the 'TRAIN MODEL HeartDiseaseModel' query, I get this error:

[SQLCODE: <-185>:<Predicting Column only has one unique value in the dataset>]

  [%msg: < Label column only has one unique value in the dataset.>]

Any thoughts on what the issue might be?

Thanks again - Don Martin

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