Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 4, 2020

Developer Community Moderators in 2020

Hi Developers!

It's just a statement to let you know who is working for you this year as Developer Community Moderators. Here is our noble team!

English Community:

@Eduard Lebedyuk 

@John Murray 

@Dmitry Maslennikov 

@Robert Cemper 

@Jeffrey Drumm 

@Scott Roth 

Spanish Community:

@Kurro Lopez 

@Nancy Martínez 

Moderators! thanks for your hard work to make this place busy and helpful!

Developers! You can meet in person all the moderators on InterSystems Global Summit 2020 in Seattle this year and on regional events. 

Stay tuned!

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Thanks for your trust in us

Best Regards,

Is my pleasure !! I hope contributed to the growth of our Spanish Community.. 

Kurro, lest"s go!!

Thanks for your work, guys!

This wont be the same without you! smiley