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This has a similar issue to the 201 video in that it was interactive without the class having mics, so any responses or questions from them are basically lost. I far prefer interactive classes to online/video/canned ones, but only when I'm actually in them. Watching them, especially when you lose the participation portion due to mic problems, isn't great.

That said, this was still an interesting video, and I'm glad I watched it.

This second video was good, but not on the level of the 101 video. For one thing, it spent the first 20 minutes out of 50 recapping the prior session, which seems like a bit too much. That said, as someone who actually worked with Neural Networks around 20 years ago in grad school, this was both a great refresher and an explanation I really could have used back then. I barely had any idea what I was doing back in the day. It also looks like things have really advanced since then, which is great.

Another small problem was that several of the questions were not repeated into the mic, and therefore the answers didn't really have a context. Just something to consider. I think the first video worked best because it was a pure lecture, not an interactive class.

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