· Feb 2, 2022

Code Golf: Paired Opposites

You will receive a string of comma-separated integers whose elements have both a negative and a positive value, except for one integer that is either only negative or only positive, our challenge will be to find that integer.
As usual shortest solution wins.





3 has no matching negative appearance



  1. The signature of the contest entry MUST be:
Class CodeGolf.PairedOpposites

ClassMethod Solve(o As %String) As %Integer

  1. It is forbidden to modify class/signature, including but not limited to:
  • Adding inheritance
  • Setting default argument values
  • Adding class elements (Parameters, Methods, Includes, etc).
  1. It is forbidden to refer to non-system code from your entry. For example, this is not a valid entry:
ClassMethod Solve(o)
  q ##class(myPackage.myClass).test(o)
  1. The use of $ZWPACK and $ZWBPACK is also discouraged.
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I decided to check the size of the code using an officially allowed method.

ClassMethod length(
  class = {$classname()},
  method "Solve"As %Integer CodeMode = expression ]


size = 46 (43)

ClassMethod Solve(As %StringAs %Integer
 f  s c=$p(o,",",$i(i)) q:'$lf($lfs(o),-c) c

size = 48 (45)

ClassMethod Solve(As %StringAs %Integer
 f  s c=$p(o,",",$i(i)) ret:'$lf($lfs(o),-cc