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You need an interactive user's system to run this without any user interaction?

If it doesn't matter who runs it and it doesn't take any serious resources and could run unnoticed then could you set a global that is checked by some code that is regularly run by a group of users? The first interactive process that finds the global could do your $ZF for you? Say SET ^GLOBAL("RUN NOTEPAD")=$H

Then in the common piece of code L +^GLOBAL("RUN NOTEPAD"):0 I $T {S:$D(^GLOBAL("RUN NOTEPAD")) X=$ZF(-1,"C:\Windows\notepad.exe") K ^GLOBAL("RUN NOTEPAD") L -K ^GLOBAL("RUN NOTEPAD")}

Otherwise I think you need to fix the destination program so it will run in the background.

Thanks Vitaliy! That is just what I was looking for!

I suppose that underneath the code, deep down in Quote^%qcr, it may be doing the same as I'm doing, but it is unlikely to have any errors in it and it's not a wild assumption that it will do it in the most efficient way.

Alas, the few version 5 sites will have to live with my slower code

%SYS>w $zv
Cache for UNIX (IBM PowerPC/32-bit) 5.0.18 (Build 6103 + Adhoc 3626) Tue Mar 7 2006 11:55:33 EST
%SYS>W $zcvt(##CLASS(%Library.Utility).FormatString($lb("abc","DEF","",,"tesT",$lb(0))),"u")

W $ZCVT(##CLASS(%Library.Utility).FormatString($LB("abc","DEF","",,"tesT",$LB(0)
%SYS>W $zcvt(##CLASS(%Utility).FormatString($lb("abc","DEF","",,"tesT",$lb(0))),"u")

W $ZCVT(##CLASS(%Utility).FormatString($LB("abc","DEF","",,"tesT",$LB(0))),"u")

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