· Sep 18, 2017

Cache Security Error

Hi !

Can any one help me with this error? When the web site is run in localhost it is okay, but when run in server I'm getting this error. 

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Some questions first.  

  1. When you say 'localhost' are you implying that you are using the private Web Server contained within Cache?
  2. Is this the only application being run from the web server vs localhost?
  3. If not then are the other applications still accessible via the external web server.

Some things to check right off the bat.

  • enabling audting and seeing which user is getting the error will help
  • Use the CSP Gateway Management pages HTTP trace capability to see if the request is even making it into Cache.  It would seem so from the error, but better to confirm everything.
  • Make sure that the user that the CSP Gateway associated with the Web Server uses to communicate to Cache has access to your database.  This would be different from the person logging into your application.  This can be found in the CSP Gateway Management for the server.