Evgeny Shvarov · Jan 10, 2017

January 10th DC Release: Mark an Answer as Accepted Answer

Hi Community!

In this release we turned off the digest mode for all the members (until it would be fixed) and fixed the Update notifications: now this settings can be found in the same place for all the members: Subscriptions/Content types tab.

Meet in this small release the new very valuable feature: marking answers as "true" answers.

If you are an author of the question now you can choose the right answer if there are more than one and mark it with the green checkbox. Like it is shown here:

If there are more than one answer, the "true" one will be shown topmost.

The question for the Community: what should we do with the Unanswered filter? Now it works as a filter for the questions without any answer. Should we keep it as it is, or change its behavior to filter questions without "True" answer?

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If we change the unanswered query to only include questions with 'true' answers selected, do we expect everyone to be good enough citizens to go back and select true answers once they are provided?  Would admins be able to mark true answers if the author abandons the thread?

That is the question. I think there should be two filters: unanswered and ... "True answered".

Absolutely not. Again I must reference stack overflow. "unanswered" means it does not have an accepted answer, which by the way is the terminology we should use instead of "true answer".

True. We just will reproduce Stackoverflow approach here: "No answers" - for the questions without any answer, and "Unanswered" for without accepted answer.

I think this would be a great approach Evgeny!