Anastasia Dyubaylo · Nov 23

Advent of Code 2022: join ObjectScript contest to win and have fun!

Hey Developers,

We know you've been waiting for this for a whole year. The time has finally come! 

Join the Advent of Code 2022 with InterSystems and participate in our ObjectScript contest to win $$$$ prizes!

🏆 Our Leaderboard 🏆

👉🏼 Join the ObjectScript private leaderboard with this code: 130669-ab1f69bf.

Note: You need to sign in to Advent of code (e.g. with GitHub / Google / Twitter / Reddit account) to see the leaderboard and participate in the contest.


🥇 1st place - $3,000 

🥈 2nd place - $2,000 

🥉 3rd place - $1,000

All winners will also get a special high-level Global Master badge.

Note: InterSystems employees are not eligible for money prizes.

Win Conditions:

1. To win our prize you should be on the top of the ObjectScript Leaderboard and upload all the solutions in a public repository on GitHub and present the code in InterSystems ObjectScript in UDL form as presented in the template below:

⬇️ The Advent of Code ObjectScript template

2. There should be no errors in the ObjectScript quality scanner for your project.

3. All participants have two days (December 26-27) to make their repositories public. Winners will be announced on December 28-29.

4. All participants must be registered on the InterSystems Developer Community.

The first puzzles will unlock on December 1st at midnight EST (UTC -5).

See you then and good luck to all of you! 

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