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Advent of Code 2022: join ObjectScript contest to win and have fun!

Hey Developers,

We know you've been waiting for this for a whole year. The time has finally come! 

Join the Advent of Code 2022 with InterSystems and participate in our ObjectScript contest to win $$$$ prizes!

🏆 Our Leaderboard 🏆

👉🏼 Join the ObjectScript private leaderboard with this code: 130669-ab1f69bf.

Note: You need to sign in to Advent of code (e.g. with GitHub / Google / Twitter / Reddit account) to see the leaderboard and participate in the contest.


🥇 1st place - $3,000 

🥈 2nd place - $2,000 

🥉 3rd place - $1,000

All winners will also get a special high-level Global Master badge.

Note: InterSystems employees are not eligible for money prizes.

Win Conditions:

1. To win our prize you should be on the top of the ObjectScript Leaderboard and upload all the solutions in a public repository on GitHub and present the code in InterSystems ObjectScript in UDL form as presented in the template below:

⬇️ The Advent of Code ObjectScript template

2. There should be no errors in the ObjectScript quality scanner for your project.

3. All participants have two days (December 26-27) to make their repositories public. Winners will be announced on December 28-29.

4. All participants must be registered on the InterSystems Developer Community.

The first puzzles will unlock on December 1st at midnight EST (UTC -5).

See you then and good luck to all of you! 

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Same as last year I will provide the results of our private leaderboard 

  • It will sort by published ranking but separate DC members from "guests"
  • The matching of DC members is a manual task 
  • if I missed you pls. let me know your identity in AoC by DC mail  to add your DC flag
  • updates will always happen in this reply
  • FINAL LISTING from AoC2022
    • DCrank  AOCrank Scores  Stars   Name
      ---     ---     ----    ----    --- DC Members ---
      1       1       5467    50      Kevin An
      2       2       5298    50      maxymczech
      3       4       5182    50      Robert Barbiaux
      4       8       4279    40      Yuval Golan
      5       9       3732    36      Oliver Wilms
      6       10      3003    30      Ivo ver eecke
      7       13      2825    30      Mark Charlton
      8       14      2660    25      Keith Avery
      9       18      2160    23      TylerFeldhege
      10      21      1785    18      Muhammad Umar Waseem
      11      23      1438    16      Laura Cavanaugh
      12      22      1352    16      Shamus Clifford ^ISC
      13      26      776     9       Udo Leimberger
      14      27      774     8       Paul Cranston
      15      29      710     8       rhodery
      16      31      485     6       Mike
      17      34      82      1       Davi-Massaru
      18      ---     ----    ----    --- DC but not COS ---
      19      3       5196    50      rcemper
      20      7       4858    50      otto-k
      21      ---     ----    ----    --- unknow in DC ---
      22      2       5408    48      Anja Ostovršnik
      23      5       5111    50      Dominik Znidar
      24      6       5088    50      Jarjar 314
      25      10      3703    33      Алёна Полищук
      26      11      3610    33      Alyonka
      27      12      3107    32      (anonymous user #1614379)
      28      11      2894    30      Jesper Olsson
      29      12      2875    30      Shafran Cat
      30      15      2648    28      John Mesin
      31      16      2231    22      nwattana
      32      17      2223    22      hazamashoken
      33      18      1987    19      (anonymous user #2793860)
      34      19      1965    20      j-dolenc
      35      20      1917    20      LFY
      36      22      1545    16      unikrubii
      37      24      1359    14      Paphawit Ngamchaliew
      38      25      1203    14      Dieter PAUL
      39      28      765     8       rcniinoi
      40      30      547     6       (anonymous user #2357048)
      41      30      527     6       alex2008alex
      42      32      206     2       gvatash
      43      33      86      1       cbarrette9
      44 Rows(s) Affected
      UTC 2022-12-29 14:51:07
      EST 2022-12-29 09:51:07

May I ask you please, who is DC member?

The final day of AOC  is approaching.
It is still 1 day to reach the magic 50 stars.
I plan to take my last ranking on my morning (CET) of Dec.26
Good luck and Merry Xmas.

Test data + results on GitHub will be updated as​ I have them​​​​​ available.

Hum, so now the question is how does the ObjectScript quality scanner work?
I don't have a login and the help docs don't (help)... 
Then I need a learn docker, 
Then I need to install Git. 
I get the impression that its easier just to not win ;) 

Hi @Mark Charlton 
it is simpler:

  • minimum is a GitHub account.
  • create repo using the template
  • enable Actions
  • add your code
  • code quality is triggered by a GitHub -workflow that you imported

Neither Docker nor ZPM is required for Code Quality.
It's just nice to have and well prepared for demo.

OK thanks.

That sounds a bit more manageable. I'll take a look if I get time :)  I have the git hub account already so I'm 20% there...

Does it mean that code has to be written in c#?

Hi Martin! In InterSystems ObjectScript 

OK, so I tried that to see how it works and if I could figure it out... it didn't go so well. 
I mean I have a GitHub with actions running, code is loaded in as cls files, but apparently none of my code is code to the quality scanner and my other actions fail. Does anyone have the time to give me a few pointers as to where to look next please. 

Hi Mark,

Is your AOC2022 repo public or private?

Yes, but if you look at the code tab it says there are 0 lines of code in the project... 

Have some fun,
And delete one,
65535 lines of code in the project!


is there a line limit in code quality?
2000 line by class * 1 class by day over 10 days is not impressive
???? I didn't get your message!

but I found no  .github/workflow/ as in the official template. also module.xml doesn't match the content.

Same question as mark actually. Actually used classes this year, but the quality checker still displays it as having 0 lines.

I think, it may skip Abstract classes, and there are only Abstract classes

So the $64,000,000 (or more like $6,000) question is, does the current state of the quality checker stand for our submissions or do we need to go back and change all the classes to get it to work and qualify :) 
A moot point for me in the back seats but more so for Kevin.

I just changed one of my classes (Day1) from abstract to  Extends %RegisteredObject and committed to Git.
The action ran, the code change shows on the code view of Code Quality.  
The file shows a count of lines of code, yet the overall view still shows no code. 

Hi folks !

It's just another week to finalize Advent Of Code 2022. 
Though the ranking didn't change much recently there are still 14 exercises to be done.
- But keep in mind that the ranking is just the first hurdle to take.
- Next, your code in ObjectScript has to be provided in a public repo on GitHub
- Besides the formal verification with Code Quality (use the provided template)
also, the calculations will be verified with a neutral dataset that is not yours.

So good luck and happy coding.


Hi, Robert, you show DC members in your listing. Are there InterSystems employees in the list who do not qualify to win prize money? Just wondering how high I would have to climb to earn a prize ...

@Oliver Wilms you can check their DC profiles and see their title/position & company. If this info is not available on the profile page, just hover over their email icon "@" – all ISC employees are registered on DC with corporate email addresses.

This raises a question. For example, today's problem part 2 involved folding an unfolded cube. Can't speak for everybody, but I suppose many people did that by hand for their personal problem input, as it would be pretty hard to solve for general case here. Are we expected to come up with perfect algorithmic solutions that would work for any input, or is some amount of "slack" allowed here? :)

It's the classic impedance mismatch:

  • AOC goes for time and numbers. For the numbers, you may calculate them, gamble, get inspired, or ...
  • this contest goes straight for ObjectScript and I will verify the calculation

Regarding the formal verification part. Seems a bit strange to me: quite a few problems this year involved thinking heuristically. How can I guarantee my solution works for any input when I myself have only seen a single input?

That would be okay in my mind if that were specified somewhere I see it. I was unhappy when I realized my input cube had been cut up differently from the example shown.

I have published 2 sets of test data on GitHub with results verified by AoC.
You may use it to check the independency of your code from specific input.
That's what I will use for verification of the correct calculation.


Thanks! I think in the future, we should have a class template for these problems that would make it easy to check each contestant's code programmatically. I'm guessing this year, people did not follow some uniform API pattern to solve each problem, where to grab the inputs, etc. It would be nice if we all followed some standard so no one has to go through checking these by hand.

@Kevin An ,  
I really appreciate your suggestion. For a long list of candidates, 
BUT. with only 3..4 possible participants in the winning ranks the effort is acceptable.
So it provides for me a deeper insight into your creativity.
- AoC is the first filter >>> "outsourced"
- Code Quality is the second >>> "normalized and automated"
- Calculations + Results is the last. >>> by own hands for now.
I take this burden with pride.

Though this personal view shouldn't prevent anyone
to create a better template for NEXT year.

Merry Christmas all!

Alea iacta est !

The race is done.  We see 3 leaders and I have checked the first repo.

Thanks to @Robert Barbiaux:     
- His code passed successfully Code Quality
- And the checks with test data set 1 and set 2 are OK

Merry Xmas to all members of the Community!

Now also the Leader of our ranking has completed

Thanks to @Kevin.An
- His code passed successfully Code Quality
- And the checks with test data set 1 and set 2 are OK

Maintaining attention in AR. How to direct and maintain attention in… | by  Victoria Claypoole | UX Collective

Dear participants,

The AOC 2022 is over. Thank you all for your participation in the ObjectScript contest ;)

Now you have two days to make your repositories public (Dec 26-27). Please provide us with your repo and ObjectScript quality status in the comments to this post or via Direct Messages. 

Winners will be announced on December 28-29.

Happy Holidays 🌟

My repo is linked above, but here it is again, although I'm way out of contention for any cool commmunity badges :)

and this is empty but green, (, so I think this years CPD may be on encoding algorithms and how VS Code, GitHub and Docker work with objectscript... Might then have a better chance next year :D

Thanks for the motivation towards all the hair pulling, googling, screaming at monkeys, and don't get me started on the elephants...

Merry Christmas all and have a great New Year. 

Hi Robert

Thanks for the help and guidance. I've missed the window now as I've been away from the office, (a crazy idea I know). I'll take a look at the repo you've setup and see if I can figure out what I was doing wrong when I'm back online.