Sounds like your team all work in shared namespace(s) on a Caché server. Server-side source control is the way to go. We just gave a webinar about our Deltanji tool doing exactly this. Watch out for the recording appearing on the Developer Community YouTube channel soon.

Better compose an SQL string  "SELECT name FROM "_table and process it with some ResultSet class

But take care you don't open your system up to an SQL Injection attack.

A tip for anyone trying to upload a different image for an already-published app. You need to unpublish it first, to make the "Upload image" option appear on the menu. See this GH issue comment.

A related tip is that when you send your unpublished-and-modified app for approval you can override the default next version number that appears in the dialog, setting it to the same as the current version. You'll still have to enter something in the Release Notes field, but when your changes are subsequently approved your published app won't show any change in the Version History tab.

Yes, that's consistent with what I just discovered. If I log out of DC it'll give me the correct time for the event.

The event details at the top now show 10:00 AM EDT, so I guess the DC software isn't adjusting for Daylight Saving Time.

We're not all dead yet! I still have a full set of MSM 4.4 printed documentation on my bookshelf. And several developers who worked for Micronetics are still on the staff at InterSystems (pinging @Charles Sorenson II)

I haven't tested this, but you may be able to use the ZFLUSH command to flush buffers to disk, after first setting switch 13 using D ^SWREG in the MGR UCI to disable database writes. SWREG has entrypoints to let you set and clear switches programmatically.

In case there are still some MSM experts out there who aren't on Developer Community, you might also try posting on!forum/comp.lang.mumps