Turns out it wasn't hard to add this. Download and install 1.8.2-beta.2 if you want to try it out.

Only the editable file gets coloured, not the preview. It may be possible to address that, but would require more work than I have time for at the moment.

I haven't seen this problem.

The GitHub source of this method doesn't seem to check the status of its ParseStream call before trying to read the stream:

Maybe your upgrade procedure went wrong. I suggest you download the XML distribution and import it again.

Instead of adding the %All role to the /terminalsocket web app I suggest you add %DB_IRISLIB which should be sufficient to solve your issue.

My guess is, this environment used to give public %DB_IRISLIB:R but then someone tightened security by removing this, around the time you upgraded WebTerminal.

Such a change ought to show up in the audit log.

Alexander, neither of the files you asked for are produced by MSM (Micronetics Standard MUMPS, acquired in 1998 by InterSystems).

I suggest you include a widget on every page you serve, and make the widget use client-side JS to display a countdown which updates every second. Set its initial value from %session.AppTimeout.

IRIS doesn't bundle its own ssh server. Unless your host platform offers ssh (not common on Windows) there'll be nothing for your ssh client to connect to.

For IRIS on Windows you have the option of enabling the %Service_Telnet service and connecting using telnet rather than ssh. You can optionally add extra security to this by configuring it to use TLS.

But as you're talking about localhost why not simply launch Terminal off your IRIS launcher in you Windows System Tray?