The technique I have seen used is to run a JS timer which will run for, say, 120 seconds less than the session timeout. Restart the timer each time something happens that will cause the server-side session timeout to restart. When the JS timer expires, display the "2 minutes before timeout" message, perhaps with a countdown run by another 1-second JS timer.

In VS Code the "editor.insertSpaces" boolean setting governs whether or not pressing Tab will insert a tab character or a number of space characters (specified in the "editor.tabSize" setting).

"editor.insertSpaces" is one of the settings which can be specified per-language. The command "Preferences: Configure Language Specific Settings..." gives you a language picker, then seeds the Settings Editor filter so you can easily set a language-specific value. Below is a screenshot showing how I can make the Tab key enter the tab character when in a document set to the objectscript-class language.

You make a good point about how Python-coded methods must be space-indented. VS Code can't help you with this, as it sees the entire .cls document as being objectscript-class language. So I suggest you leave "editor.insertSpaces" at its default (checked / true). The ObjectScript-coded methods won't mind being space-indented.

my guess that if we specify port 57772 as the default port in the web server which I'm assuming that would be Apache , we don't have to specify the port in our url

No, if the web server (Apache or any other server) is listening on any port other than 80 (for http protocol) or 443 (for https protocol) your URL needs to tell the client app (e.g. your web browser) to connect to a port that is not the standard one for the specified protocol.

Mark, if you are using the server-side editing paradigm, which matches what you're used to with Studio, make sure you follow the instructions in the "Enable Proposed APIs" section of the extension's README (also available here). Until you have done this the Ctrl/Cmd+P technique mentioned by Dmitry won't find anything when you are working server-side.