· Feb 22 4m read
IRIS 2024.1 Preview - New Feature

There is an interesting new feature in the recently announced 2024.1 preview, JSON_TABLE. JSON_TABLE is one of a family of functions introduced by the 2016 version of the SQL Standard (ISO Standard, published in early 2017). It allows for JSON values to be mapped to columns and queried using SQL. JSON_TABLE is valid in the FROM clause of some SQL statements.

The syntax of JSON_TABLE is quite large, allowing for exceptional conditions where the provided JSON values don't match expectations, nested structures and so on.

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· Jan 19 4m read
Querying Dynamic Data using ASQ

IRIS 2023.3.0 ASQ

Abstract Set Query, ASQ, is a super set of JSON Path Language, JPL, which was first introduced by the 2016 ISO SQL Standard. JPL is only defined within the context of SQL. In 2023.3, we introduced classes that implement ASQ. It works on any implementation of %Library.AbstractSet. The complete syntax for ASQ will be documented later. This is just a quick introduction to a few of its features. This implementation comes with a nice utility as well. You will know it when you see it!

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· Apr 23, 2021
External Language Server in 2021.1

Now that IRIS 2021.1 is available as a preview version, I would like to demonstrate a "new" feature. The Java Gateway has been around for a while now but in 2021.1 it has new skills. External Language Servers are available for Java, DotNet, and Python. Here is a quick - very quick - demo of using the External Java Server. Please don't focus solely on what this demo is doing but rather on what is happening in this demo. First, I acquire a gateway connection oref. This gateway connection is connected to the External Java Server - one of the External Language Servers.

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