Hi Blaise. There is query ErrorLog in %CSP.UI.System.BackgroundTask class so you can print errors like follows:

USER>do ##class(%ResultSet).RunQuery("%CSP.UI.System.BackgroundTask","ErrorLog",3932)

3932 here is task id.

And print errors to file:

USER>set file="c:\temp\sqlerrors.txt"
USER>open file:"NW":5
USER>use file do ##class(%ResultSet).RunQuery("%CSP.UI.System.BackgroundTask","ErrorLog",3932)
USER>close file

Notice that %CSP.UI.System.BackgroundTask is marked for internal use only.

«And I want to be able to post new comments to any old post without any restriction.» I agree with this.

«I want to be able to edit my comment while topic is visible. At any time.»
Why? If something is changed, so that comment is no longer relevant, you can post a new comment.
If you made mistkae during posting -- you have 10 minutes to fix it.

Hi Dan.

I don't know of ways to have up-to-date Age as dimension.

You can have level property Age, that will be calculated at run-time (checkbox "Get value at runtime").

See for example, HomeD.City level, property Population at Patients cube in SAMPLES namespace.

Also, see "Defining Age Members" section in docs: