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Joel - the first paragraph says that eGit is installed with Atelier automatically but Nicole has confirmed that this is not the case.  Could you please edit the article and remove that statement?



Thank you - I will take a close look!

How does Port.SourceControl.Extension.VCS relate to %Studio.SourceControl.Base?  None of the method names match so I am guessing that it doesn't extend it.  Would there be a different handling class extending the Source Control Base class which calls the method in your Git class?

Thank you Rubens - that is very helpful! 

Could you please also post a Gist for Port.SourceControl.Extension.VCS?

Robert - thanks for posting, and it's great seeing that you're still doing awesome work in this space!

All the best,


Yes of course :)  Once you create a library of unittests you can script them to run automatically.  If you are using a continuous integration / build server then you can script the tests to run after the build has completed successfully.  We have some teams using Jenkins for this.  


If you haven't already done so, please contact the WRC to let them know how important it is to get the Production Class UI to respect source control hooks (I am with you all the way on this one, but Product Management needs to hear it from customers).