Rochdi Badis · Oct 14, 2021

Lock the Modal View

Hi Guys,

I'm using a Modal Group but whenever I click outside it the Modal gets minimised, so How can I change the view so that whenever pops up the view get locked until I'm finished with my modal then click exit to endModal ?



Product version: Caché 2014.1
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Do you still expect some echo?
Or is the question meanwhile just out of date?

I didn't get any replies, so I appreciate some help.


Any event that occurs outside of the modal group (such as a mouse click) automatically hides the modal groupproof.

Use Popup windows with modal=yes or Dialogs.

PS: if you really need to use "Model Groups", then you need to do two things for this:

  1. override the method onCanEndModalHandler
  2. override the method hideGroup(). This is necessary to prohibit the close button in the upper right corner
Here is a small variant: