Rochdi Badis · Nov 25, 2021

Excel Runtime EXE

Hi Guys,

is there a Runtime EXE for Excel or ms office, I've a report that would like to open in excel?



Product version: Ensemble 2014.1
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I'm not really sure what is it that you want (please consider providing more information), but this project can be used to both read and write excel files.

Ok if you try exporting and opening a Zen report to Excel in a machine that doesn't have MS excel installed you want to be able to open the exported file.

With Crystal reports for example there a runtime EXE that you can install that have all required DLLs and files that allow the user to view a crystal report without having to install the full version of Crystal (see this link for more info:

So I'm asking if there is a Runtime EXE for excel or MS Office that I can install to allow users to open & view the generated .csv report?


Microsoft used to have an Excel Viewer but it is retired, though it may still work.
Download the latest online Excel Viewer - Office | Microsoft Docs

If you don't have an MS Office license I'd suggest LibreOffice.
Home | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

However, you mention CSV files and these are not actually Excel Spreadsheets, they can just be viewed in a text editor if needs be, or any Spreadsheet software will open a formatted view.  There are also CSV specific viewers such as Nirsoft's
CSV / Tab delimited file viewer and converter for Windows (