Güvenal · Nov 10, 2021
SQL Search index on JSON objects.

Hello there!
I am hoping to get some help with "SQL Search index" and JSON objects.
I am storing a JSON object in a column of type %Stream.GlobalCharacter 
Property JSON As %Stream.GlobalCharacter;
I also have a index that looks like below.
Index AnalyticIdx On (JSON) As %iFind.Index.Analytic(INDEXOPTION = 0, LANGUAGE = "en", LOWER = 1);

1 20
0 256

There is a class query “MemberStatusList” in the SYS.Mirror class that I would like to call from a .NET client application. 
I know that means that there is also a generated class method called MemberStatusListFunc. 
What is the best way if any exist to call them from a .NET application?
Just see if anything responded I tried using something like

IRIS iris = IRIS.CreateIRIS(conn);
var returnValue = iris.ClassMethodString("%SYSTEM.Mirror", "MemberStatusList", "NAMEOFTHEMIRROR")

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I have package mapped SYS.History but two classes in the package are giving me problems.

SYS.History.SysData and SYS.History.PerfData has an Include (Include (%sySite, MONEXT))

When I try to open the corresponding table in SQL I get the following error

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Güvenal · Nov 21, 2017
Custom SOAP header


Hopefully someone has an answer on this, I cannot find any example or understand from the documentation how to acheive this.

I have a SOAP header subclass

Class AddressType Extends %SOAP.Header


Parameter MAXLEN;

Parameter NAMESPACE = "urn:registry:1";

Parameter XMLNAME = "urn:LogicalAddress";


In my  %SOAP.WebClient I use it like this:
set customHeader = ##class(AddressType).%New()
do ..HeadersOut.SetAt(customHeader,"AddressType")

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Güvenal · Oct 17, 2017
Ensemble scheduler

We have had incidents with the scheduler in some integrations.
The problem is that the scheduler do not execute at seemingly random occasions.
Has anyone else experienced this? If so how have you handled it?
Is there a smart way to be informed about these non events.
I have an idea to build an integration that goes thru all the other integrations, looks at their schedules and compare it with lastrun information in someway but I am not sure if it is doable.

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We want an Integration that should be moving files from a FTP server in a DMZ zone into another FTP server on our local network.
I tried using EnsLib.FTP.PassthroughService(EnsLib.FTP.InboundAdapter, EnsLib.FTP.OutboundAdapter)
Using this approach ensamble write data to the database, causing the CACHE.DAT to grow for every file that is moved.
Looks like the entire file is written to the database, is this the case?
We are not really interested in storing any file content information in ensamble in this particular case.

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I am working in a csp application where the user can configure a TCPS Service in a guide like manor.

So I want to be able to present a html <select> element, the values / text I want to present in this control should be the ID field from Security.SSLConfigs in the %SYS namespace.

How would I go about doing this? Can this be done?

Best regards,


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