Güvenal · Sep 18, 2017

Read the SSL configuration table in CSP application


I am working in a csp application where the user can configure a TCPS Service in a guide like manor.

So I want to be able to present a html <select> element, the values / text I want to present in this control should be the ID field from Security.SSLConfigs in the %SYS namespace.

How would I go about doing this? Can this be done?

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You can retrieve list of certificates in a way like this

ClassMethod SSLConfigs() As %String
  new $namespace
  set $namespace = "%SYS"
  set rs=##class(Security.SSLConfigs).ListNamesFunc()
  set result = ""
  while rs.%Next() {
    set result = result_$lb(rs.Name)
  quit result

And result will be in $lb

USER>w $lts(##class(User.Test).SSLConfigs())

Hello Dmitry!

I just started working with ensamble and this was my first post in the community, must say I am super impressed with the fast turnaround.

Thank you very much!