Güvenal · May 9, 2018

Stuck with a package mapping problem

I have package mapped SYS.History but two classes in the package are giving me problems.

SYS.History.SysData and SYS.History.PerfData has an Include (Include (%sySite, MONEXT))

When I try to open the corresponding table in SQL I get the following error

ERROR #5540: SQLCODE: 400 Message: Process 213004 failed to compile Cached Query Class %sqlcq.BAM.cls26 with these errors: ERROR #5475: Error compiling routine: %sqlcq.BAM.cls26. Errors: ERROR: %sqlcq.BAM.cls26.1(10) : MPP5635 : No include file 'MONEXT' TEXT: #include MONEXT SQLTEXT: SELECT ID,DateTime,Length,ZDATE,ZTIME,Sys_Alerts,Sys_AppErrors,Sys_CPUIOwait,Sys_CPUIdle,Sys_CPUKernel,Sys_CPUUser,Sys_CSPSession,Sys_ECPResponse,Sys_...

What is the MONEXT anyways? Mon as in monitor? SYSMON extensions?
Any idea on how to get the MONEXT into my namespace or any workaround would be appreciated.

Best regards,


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MONEXT is an include file, you can see it in %SYS namespace.

You can map it to your namespace (in SMP - Namespaces - Routine mappings).

Thank you Eduard!