That works somehow.
But this is the wrong direction.
I need to access my IRIS instance over TELNET .

sometimes it is an advantage to read to the end of the line !!indecision
it is just not implemented outside Windows.  sad  

Check your version of module.xml against the official module.xml of OEX on GitHub:
that one just has 1 <Document....>.......</Document>

The error message indicates you just lost the slash </ of the closing tag.

I just hope- for the sake of fairness - 
that the one that did the practical work

  • implementation,
  • testing,
  • describing,
  • publishing

gets some points as well ???

short add on
ASCETIC - there is no minor trace of any comfort around
SPOOKY - it's been around since ever but is rather unknown and invisible in Docs

I was asked why I didn't use VScode for the examples
Simple reason:  Studio Wizards  are not available in VSCode 
See here

Thank you for the clarification!
I don't need it, but I got pushed why not using VSCode at that step.


classmethod InstallDirectory() as %String

Returns the location of the installation directory, i.e. that which is displayed by ccontrol on Unix and VMS, where the .cpf configuration file is kept.