InterSystems Data Platforms and performance – how to update pButtons.

Previously I showed you how to run pButtons to start collecting performance metrics that we are looking at in this series of posts.

pButtons is compatible with Caché version 5 and later and is included with recent distributions of InterSystems data platforms (HealthShare, Ensemble and Caché). This post is a reminder that you should download and install the latest version of pButttons.

The latest version is always available for download via ftp.

You need to download the file:

After extracting the .zip file review the readme.txt file to ensure you install the correct file for your Caché version.

To check which version you have installed now you can run:

%SYS>write $$version^pButtons()

Note 1:

  • The current version of pButtons will require a license unit to run, future distributions will address this requirement.
  • With this distribution of pButtons, versioning has changed.
    — The prior version of pButtons was 1.16c
    — This new distribution is version 5.

Note 2:

  • pButtons version 5 also corrects a problem that was introduced with version 1.16a that could result in very slow collection times. Version 1.16a was included with Caché 2015.1.0. If you have pButtons version 1.16a through 1.16c you should download pButtons version 5 from the ftp site.

More detailed information on pButtons is available in the files included with the download and in the online Caché documentation.