wx fg · May 17, 2018
cannot connect to Caché


    I cannot connect to Caché sometimes,   the error message is 

            [Cache JDBC] Communication link failure: Communication error: Connection reset

   and I cannot access the management portal

so I plan to restart  Caché with "ccontrol stop cache", it prompted "unable to get access to pid table"

what's the problem?


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wx fg · Nov 20, 2017
how to release row lock?

I have restored one database from backup, but when I query from some of tables,   prompt error :

this error remain after restart Caché service

I can skip this error with %nolock in select query.


My question is: 

1. why there were locks after restart service?


2. Can I release/rollback these locks by sql so I can query without %nolock?

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wx fg · Jul 22, 2017
select sql error


  I execute sql  like this:  select * from DHC_PatBillDetails where PBD_PBO_ParRef>='2046121'


error message:

but   the sql:   select * from DHC_PatBillDetails where PBD_PBO_ParRef='2046121'   can be executed successfully



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wx fg · Jul 18, 2017
how to release memory for process?


  I query large mount of rows from one table with JDBC, and will prompt <store> error.  I found that it was out of process memory (default 16M, max 49M in version 2010.2) .

  so my question is : how to release memory for large  mount of rows  query? or how to resolve this error?

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wx fg · Jul 10, 2017
How to encrypt column value in sql?


   I want to update  some columns in one table like this:


    update table1 set col1=%SYSTEM.Encryption_AESCBCEncrypt(col1, 'key')


but the error is 


ERROR #5540: SQLCODE: -359 Message: User defined SQL Function '%SYSTEM.ENCRYPTION_AESCBCENCRYPT' does not exist


what's the corect syntax?  Thanks!

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    I restored one database on Server B with EXTSELCT^DBREST command from   backup file (this backup file is taken from Server A).  

When I execute select some rows from one table,  it return error like this, 

the same select sql can return correct data  in server A

But when I select other rows from same table on Server B, it return correct data.

Why? maybe the backup file corrupted?


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