· May 22, 2017

How to perform online backup by windows bat?


   I want to online backup one Caché database by windows bat, I find some article from the online documentation about  terminal script and the ^DBACK tool and External Entry Points for ^DBACK,  so I can invoke the External Entry Points for ^DBACK from terminal  script like this:    send: Do BACKUP^DBACK<CR>

Is there other better way for backup database from bat/script?



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Cache has different mechanisms for calling in from the OS to start Cache functionality. See

Several other possibilities I've used:

1) Your BAT file creates a "trigger" file (for example: MyTrigger.txt) when you want to do a backup. A Cache routine checks for the existence of the trigger file every five minutes and when the Cache routine notices the file, it deletes the trigger file and does ^DBACK.

2) Your BAT file stops Cache by doing cstop.exe in Intersystem/Cache/bin, then you OS copy the Cache.dat file (Cache namespace/database file), then does cstart.exe. Note: Cache will be DOWN while the copy is being made. You can dirty copy Cache.dat while Cache is running but there's no guarantee your copy DB will not be corrupt.

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While possibly being a bit out of scope for your specific request here, as it seems you may be working on a standalone server, I wanted to point out a recent Community article on "VM Backups and Caché freeze/thaw scripts" containing some useful batch examples too:

The article also includes discussions on the use of OS authentication for the script etc