wx fg · Jul 22, 2017

select sql error


  I execute sql  like this:  select * from DHC_PatBillDetails where PBD_PBO_ParRef>='2046121'


error message:

but   the sql:   select * from DHC_PatBillDetails where PBD_PBO_ParRef='2046121'   can be executed successfully



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This looks like a bug in InterSystems code.  Can you please email this problem  to  the WRC:


Please include this table, the parent table and the Version you are using.

If there is an index defined on PBD_PBO_ParRef  is it correctly generated?
If not sure, do rebuild index from MgmtPortal. 

there is no index on this column and I test for rebuilding all the index  of this table but can't resolve this issue.

Did you open up an issue with the WRC as Brendan recommended?  You should do this if you want this error fixed. You can do so by writing an email to  Please include your table definitions, including all parent/child references that you have (I suspect this is a grandchild table).  


It looks like the record you are trying to access does not conform to the global mapping of the class.

Make a comparison with the global data of a record that is returned in the query and with this one that is giving problem, so maybe you can see if there is any piece of record that returns error is in disagreement with the global mapping of the class.