wx fg · May 17, 2018

cannot connect to Caché


    I cannot connect to Caché sometimes,   the error message is 

            [Cache JDBC] Communication link failure: Communication error: Connection reset

   and I cannot access the management portal

so I plan to restart  Caché with "ccontrol stop cache", it prompted "unable to get access to pid table"

what's the problem?


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You should definitely contact the WRC about this. We will definitely want to look at your cconsole.log file. My best guess without much information is that a Caché process died abnormally (was killed at the OS level, or some other way that it wouldn't go through Caché halt codes) while holding onto the resource that controls access to the PID table. This basically prevents any new processes from being created. 

You'll likely need to run 'ccontrol force cache' to get the system down, but please collect a CacheHung report beforehand (a script in the /bin directory of the instance) to provide to the WRC.